About KIRTANA168


 Change, charm and connect and most of all be true in every relationship and conversation. After all a sense of belonging is what matters.

The Story

From Origin to Present Day

17  years ago,  Kirti founded Kirtana168 as a yoga studio in Curaçao. It’s primary focus was on mindfulness and yoga as a therapy. But that wasn’t the reason for it’s success.

Curaçao is a very diverse community, and it was important for Kirtana168 to be a breathing space where everyone felt welcomed, cared for, and calm after each session. It had a think-out-of-the-box and inventive style. The classes were conducted in up to 5 languages.

Today Kirtana168 is based in the UK and offers blended learning programs,  international workshops, retreats, and consultations, virtually everywhere.

  The programs are designed for you to express ideas, interact with your own style of confidence and lead with calm composure.

“If you are looking for a consultant that is brutally honest but caring at the same time- Kirti is your Lady.

A creative thinker and mentor. We have had many sessions where she has guided my thought process, helping me conquer my fears, clear my mind and own my path.” 

Why Work With Kirtana168?

All the programs are adapted to your unique perspectives. 

Kirtana168 bridges the best of Western and Eastern philosophies to empower your Mind, Body, and Speech awareness. 

AND… most of all, the techniques are practical and applicable to your personal life.

Our Approach

Through micro-interactive exercises:

  • Document habitual patterns
  • Change language structures
  • Develop even-mindedness
  • Practice techniques in your daily life
  • Converse with ease 

… to match your unique life. 

Experience natural benefits:

  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Care of your inner wellness
  • Patience to stay present

…to face difficult challenges, conversations and situations.


  • Certified TEFL
  • Yoga as a therapy
  • Toastmaster Speaker
  • Check out linkedin for more.


  • Yoga and Mindfulness in Medical Environments
  • Teacher English as Second Language
  • International Speaker & Moderator
  • Course designer

Clients &  Workshops

  • Amicorp
  • Pinnacle
  • International School of Curaçao
  • Yudaboyu : Child Psychology
  • Wilhelmina Cancer Foundation
  • Sinta Rosa Foundation : Breast Cancer
  • Citco Bank
  • Dolphin Therapy Center
  • London Department of Transport
  • and more….

Books & Publications

Mind is hardwired, it doesn’t like change. Our Wellness & Speech e-books have bite-size stories and reflections to ease and empower your wellness and conversations. Allow yourself to enjoy your life. 


Discover your Mind without the pressure to meditate

There are 59 ways to observe your mind, conversation and change your response with awareness. This fresh and modern approach  gives you tips on to use your thoughts with reflection and change them gradually and with ease.

More ways to work with you.


Personal Branding

Communication Skills