Code- Switching

befriend identity-trust builds -inclusion begins.

code-switching is the ability to change ones styl e of behaviour and speech to fit the conext of the environment.

The courage is to remain yourself in any room


Diverse community talking on a table

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Pivot Code-switching

Code-switching has been a necessary survival tool for multi -cultured or multiple of identities to communicate in social and professional environments. This has been harmful to the mental and emotional well-being, but it can also be a strength .

Kirti,  is a multiplicity of identities, Dutch-Indian roots born and raised in Caribbean, with 20 years experience working with diversified communities in well-being and communication. Shares how to leverage our identity as a strength to advance our career and build trusting relationships

Speech topics include:

  • Code-switching and the power of  resilience
  • Become friends with the  imposter syndrome
  • Lean into your identity and advice your professional growth

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    Diverse community talking on a table

    Team Dynamic Evaluation

    Improving the communication in projects

    According to Salesforce “86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplaces failures”

    Our D.I.L.O method is an effective method to support the team to work through the tensions of race or gender barriers and achieve its goal. Book an appointment


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      Lead with Diversity 

      Confidence to be true in your communication

      Our signature course supporting ethnic communities to advance their career:

      • Deliver Presentations
      • Participate in forums and Panels
      • Deliver Feedback 
      • Offer a fresh perspective to complex challenges
      • Recognition for their value and contribution to the organisation
      • Increase Personal Branding

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      Befriend Imposter Syndrome

       Appreciate your identity -Express your wins with sincerity and confidence 

      Discover how the effects of code-switching has on your performance and sabotage opportunities to grow in your career or make meaningful connections.

      • Recognise how  imposter syndrome varies from personality to personality.
      • Develop a resiliency plan to manage your mental and emotional well-being
      • Design a communication strategy that includes your personal boundaries and building a meaningful network

      An interactive session online or face-to face

      Corporate and Personal Coaching available

      #BefriendurMind Book

      Do you need a book that you can place at the side of your bed, or desk to remind you how to cut off the negative thoughts and reset your focus. Our book has helped tons of indidivuals globally.

      And yes, I gave the book a hashtag, because these classical slogans are designed for modern times-modern minds.


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      Befriend your Mind 

      Become friends with your mind will help you communicate effectively

      Becoming friends with yourself is about understanding your thoughts and feelings, so that you can communicate much at ease and confidence in your relationships. 

      Taking pressure of yourself, finding your vocabulary is a sustainable approach , especially as we communicate both digital and face to face. 

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