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Your voice -your presence

Lead with a difference 

Lead with Presence 

First Impression to Lasting Impression
Lead with Presence focuses on crafting your leadership style. Lay down a solid foundation that establishes your credibility, especially when you guide and empower teams and colleagues through challenges.  Develop a calmness to communicate with different cultures, perspectives and opinions.  
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  • Design your self-image
  • Cultivate self-awareness in demeanour.
  • Self-Confidence in choice of language and tone
  • Supportive techniques to have challenging conversations
  • Reduce the imposter syndrome and reflect your celebrations and achievements online
  • Strengthen your presentation skills for speaking opportunities
  • Communication strategies for networking

Befriend your Mind

Pivot the Mind with Self-awareness

1-2-1 Signature course to transform inner conflicts, negative thoughts and emotions to be productive,practical and purposeful. Strengthen the foundation to feel at ease to face difficulties and confrontations with a mindset through bite-size practices of self-awareness. Move overwhelm, strengthen trust and organize thoughts.

Three virtual programs available.

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 Befriend a Diverse Voice

Open the mind -Listen to Perspectives- Connect

     In 1-2-1 sessions, train your mind as an ally and be open to dialogue amongst different perspectives.
    Work with conflict emotions and beliefs.
    How to manage arguments and disagreements.
    Discover the impact and tapestry of your identity with techniques to navigate your communication and feedback to others.
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  • Recognise your diverse identity: unique values and beliefs, and how it changes in relationships
  • Replenishing techniques to manage your personal energy and reduce chances of burn out
  • Reconcile your mixed feelings and recalibrate inner narrative through self-acceptance techniques
  • Restore relationship with power and finance to advance your career
  • Reframe your communication style to be heard in different situations

 Befriend your Visibility

Shine your visibility, value & vision

Success comes from sharing your unique value.

Leverage your diverse identity when you feel outnumbered in the room.

This our 1-2-1 Signature course on how to recognise, reframe and redesign your online reputation. Build trusting relationship in virtual environments.  Establish credibility, portfolio and presence to grow your career.

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  • Design your Career agenda with digital branding
  • Get comfortable creating videos to reflect aligning with your career
  • Reduce the imposter syndrome and reflect your celebrations and achievements online
  • Strengthen your presentation skills for speaking opportunities
  • Conscious application on  how to post 
  • Virtual Communication
  • Communication strategies for networking

Befriend your Imposter Syndrome

Manage high-Achievements, perfectionism & Code switching 

Imposter syndrome varies from personality to personality.

Discover how the effects of code-switching has on your performance and sabotage opportunities to grow in your career or make meaningful connections.

Re-design your personal boundaries and empower your self-realisation your communication style.

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  •  Understand Imposter Syndrome   from Code-Switching
  • Overcome fear of speaking up
  • Manage uncomfortable sensations of self-judgments, doubts, criticism & Perfectionism
  • Techniques to understand the origin of imposter syndrome and reduce the inner critic
  • Emotional regulation to manage imposter syndrome fatigue
  • Confidence to communicate in different relationships

 Presentation Skills 1-0-1

Speak with natural open-ness and confidence

Amplify your confidence to dialogue in various environment. Empower communication skills to mindfully engage amongst multiple perspectives and cultures.

Be part of a group of participants and practice the art of conversation. Inspire Inclusivity; Connect with Empathy; and Embrace Cognitive Diversity.

For  corporate/ group programs: Develop the skills of co-mentoring, communicate challenges and build ally relationships.

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  • Explore your Tone; craft your stories into speeches; Give & Receive valuable, constructive feedback; Present Online; and Deliver Effective Presentations
  • Communicate clearly with your team members, employer, associates and clients
  • This training will assist you to organize your ideas logically, and speak concise especially under pressure

 Grow your Diverse Mindset

Dialogue, Discuss and Deliver in multi – perspectives

Our signature course in Corporate environments to support communities to voice their expressions.

Share your perspective and listen to others in presentation style format.  Surrounded in a Befriend Space and empower allyship amongst peers by strengthening critical analyses and sharing feedback for diverse environment

A space to strengthen the muscle of leadership and communication voice.

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Code-switching is when an individual constantly censors parts of their multiple identity: personality, backgrounds and hobbies to make another individual or audience feel at ease. This course we focus on

  • Grow inclusivity. An accessible platform for diverse participants to share their experiences and receive feedback from colleagues
  • Manage Mental Well-being. Reduction of emotional exhaustion caused by self- censor with techniques for mindful communication
  • Develop Leadership skills. Confidence to share different perspectives and solutions to deliver positive impact and grow career opportunities

 Befriend your Breath

Breathe to Pause, Pace and Voice 

Breath is the vital source that connects your mind, voice and truth together.

Recognising physical sensations and navigate them to  calm the nervous system and strengthen your emotional awareness to speak in uncomfortable environments or disagreements.

Your energy system is bespoke, find out how to have clearer thought process, enhance mental performance and stimulate creativity.

More information
  • Discover your own Energy Management
  • Yogastyle movements to balance physical sensations
  • Breathing techniques for different stages of anxiety and stress
  • Relaxation techniques for calmness
  • Design your own grounding statements for mental harmony