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Relax. honor. vitalise.

Hi! Thank you for choosing our services! My clients’ feedback has been amazing, and am humbled to hear that the guidance has helped you find relaxation,  overcome difficulties, or find your joy.

While many have asked me to create an album, I  believe that relaxation and finding the right words for each individual is a gentle and loving process that I’m  dedicated to providing. Based on your feedback, I’ve created three amazing services that I’m excited to share with you.


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Audio Services

Listen to your heart – Find your words

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Relaxation Audio

Anxiety to deliver Public Speaking to Fertility treatments

Whether it’s nerve-wracking presentations or public speaking, my Relaxation service can help you find the calm and confidence you need. By learning to quiet your mind and connect with your inner peace, you can face any challenge with a sense of centeredness and ease.

If you’re going through fertility treatments and feeling alone, my Relaxation service can offer you the support and loving-kindness you need. Through guided meditations and personalized attention, we can create a space of peace and healing that can help you navigate this difficult time with grace and resilience.

No matter what challenges you’re facing, my Relaxation service is here to help you find the peace and serenity you deserve. Let’s create a moment of love and meaningful self-care that will leave you feeling renewed and uplifted.

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    Written Celebration

    Making commitments special

    Remembering truly special and meaningful experiences require words of love, kindness and gentleness. In our written celebrations service, we’ll work together to find the right words  that  reflects  your unique love story, incorporating traditions, special moments, and cultural heritage that are important to you.

    I believe that it’s essential to honor the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and to weave it into our modern lives in meaningful ways. 

    By working together, we’ll create a ceremony that’s uniquely yours, full of love, and reflective of your shared journey. Let’s make your special day an unforgettable celebration of your love and commitment to one another, honoring the ancient wisdom and traditions that make your love story truly special.

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    Resting in sacred calmness

    Moving forward from a life-changing situations. Whether it’s recovering from an illness, or moving forward from a difficult and challenging experience, and it’s essential to take care of yourself as you come back to day-to-day life. That’s why I’ve created my Sacred Space- designing an audio to calibrate your life and draw in the wisdom and insight you gained and turn it into a centering audio  for  your well-being.

    Let’s work together to gain an understanding of your needs and purpose to create a custom audio that’s designed to uplift and guide you towards your north star. Whether you’re looking for guided meditations, daily affirmations or relaxation audios that promote healing and renewal. In the sacred space is to allow you feel comforted and secure as you take on new journeys or restore your confidence.

    You are resilient and strength you gained from overcoming any challenge, requires a next stage, calibrate, you have undergone a change and merging the past with a renewed energy for tomorrow.


      Let’s work together to create a practice that’s tailored to your unique needs, full of love, and committed to your well-being.

      Befriend your Mind 

      Become friends with your mind will help you communicate effectively

      Becoming friends with yourself is about understanding your thoughts and feelings, so that you can communicate much at ease and confidence in your relationships. 

      Taking pressure of yourself, finding your vocabulary is a sustainable approach , especially as we communicate both digital and face to face. 

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