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Befriend your Mind Retreat

24th-31st of May 2023

Dushi is a Papiamento word that has many meanings but it literally mean “sweet”…

and Curaçao definitely  lives up to its name.

Our retreat is truly a “sweet” experience”.

Do you want to unwind, relax and rejuvenate your soul…

from all the stress of a busy City life.

This retreat its not about filling your self-care box with more tools…

Instead it’s an invitation to unload, re-organise TO PROCESS  your transitions and challenges in relationships.

Expect to enjoy conversations and at the same time relax.

Then look no further.

Kirtana168 by Kirti

Kirtana168 has 20 years experiences in guiding clients from different ethnic backgrounds to articulate themselves with ease in different relationships. 

Originally, Kirtana168, was a mindfulness studio based on an island, Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean island with over 42 different ethnic groups.  

Now, officially based in London,  it specialises in navigating communication in complex situations such as Code-switching and Intersectionality

The main aim is providing a supportive space for clients to reduce the stress of communicating in fear and find the words to express themselves clearly.

Programs are focused on building resilience, strengthening communication and empowering leadership skills.

Companies worked with include Morgan Stanley,  UK Department of Transport, Google and more

Discernment Techniques

 Consider  potential implications  of  challenges and conflicts.

Respect differences of thought. 

 Identify new  opportunity and possibilities to know what, how and when to speak


Relationship Building

Promote diverse thinking

Discuss complex situations 

Foster greater understanding and collaboration among different groups

Emotional Regulation

Build Resilience

Navigate mixed emotions

Practice Objectivity

Develop a self-awareness to better understand how to express your feelings and thoughts.

Communication Tools

Build Personal Brand

Speak with Purpose

Communicate with Value

Communicate under Pressure

Shape your self -confidence to  deliver your Purposeful Presentations, Talks and Conversations 

Who is behind Kirtana168?

Hi, my name is Kirti, founder of this incredible space of calmness, consideration and connection.

I’ve worked with internationally diverse communities for 20 years,  inspiring ethnic cultures to lean into their identity, shape their story and living at ease in their relationships.

In recent years, there has been a huge shift in the way we communicate,  and there is a fear around how to engage with diverse communities. I’ve created a proven method  that brings back the feeling of consideration and respect for individuals to collaborate, communicate and speak with ease. 

 I am the author and international coach of #befriendurmind. As a DEI wellbeing advocate, I give talks and workshops on how to befriend the mind and lead with presence.

Companies & Clients 

Morgan Stanley, Department of Transport,  Dutch Civil Service, Accenture and others…

On the other side of your discomfort to speak up,

Is the confidence you  can trust in.

Befriend your Mindset and Generate an impact with your words

Let go of fixing yourself to fit in.

  •  Stay calm in complex situation to find new opportunities
  •  Communicate your thoughts with clarity
  • Pivot your negative thoughts and feelings constructively
  • Feel confident to say “yes” to greater challenges.


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