Befriend your Mind- Thrive in Diverse &Multi-Ethnic Spaces – Build Extraordinary Relationships

Build Self-Trust

  • Stop feeling stressed about doing things perfectly.
  • Find practical ways to handle the problems you face in real life.
  • Break away from emotions, thoughts & behavioral patterns.

Grow Relationships

  • Feel confident to adapt and be flexible in different situations while remaining your true self.
  • Be thoughtful and purposeful in adapting to different situations and people.
  • Make important connections with people and build relationships that really matter.

Be Resilient

  • Speak confidently and think quickly on your feet.
  • Handle tough situations with calmness and stay composed.
  • Communicate in diverse spaces and with people from different cultures.

Companies & Clients 

Morgan Stanley, Google, Department of Transport,  Dutch Civil Service, Accenture and others…

A testimonial for Kirti for her 1-2-1 consultation on befriend your mind
 A testimonial of Kirti as a keynote speaker at The Hague university
 A short description of testimonial of kirti training at Morgan Stanley

What’s on the Horizon

Master Retreats, Courses, Podcasts, Trainings and more…

Befriend your Mind Retreat

22nd-29th of November 2023


 You are smart, hardworking but also really hard on yourself. You are trying so hard to make work-life balance work out but it feels exhausting, burn-out or stressed. And it keeps repeating…

The Solution- You stopped enjoying your life. 

You want to enjoy your relationships and at the same time feel secure in your work, balancing life is always changing, find out how to see your rhythm of relaxing without more information. You want to organise how you treat yourself  And learn to have fun again!.

YOU DESERVE  to Befriend your mind

Which is why I want your to consider joining my


on the sunny Caribbean island, Curaçao

This retreat is all about REJUVENATING.

6 Days of Rejuvenation

Mastermind sessions.
Inspired Conversations over Delicious Food.
Connect with New People.

Cool your mind, Walks in Nature,  Swim in the bluest seas

…and enjoy playful artful vibe of Curaçao.

Befriend your Mind- Have a healthy relationship with yourself.