I’m Kirti Daryanani

Founder of Kirtana168

Befriend  your Conversations


Manage your unique emotional system to balance the stress of challenges, responsibilities, and multi-tasking with practical self -care rituals.

Communication Skills

Empower self-awareness to empower your interactions.

Stay calm, present, and learn how to adapt to different styles of communication when necessary.

Supporting you to Enrich, Empower and Express your Identity with Ease

Unlock Your Diverse Mindset


Interact with Purpose, Possibilities & Progress

The way we speak is what changes the world.

Stay calm to balance your emotions in different conversations

Craft the image of your choice and feel true confidence

Apply conscious communication for solutions in difficult situations

Develop an equity mindset

Take Actions

 Work on your goals and plan out steps for your wellness & interactions


Relationship Communication

Reframe your story to engage and grow your relationships

Emotional Management

Manage feelings of anxiety and prevent emotional burnout

Personal Brand

 Strategize your online portfolio and connect with the right audience

What does Kirtana168 Offer?

Did you know that between 70 % to 93% of communication is non-verbal?

You may wonder why that’s important?

Without realising it, our inner emotions are expressed non -verbally and are  viewed and assessed by others. 

Why wait till the unspoken causes relationships to hit the point of no return? 

Why wait till it’s too late?

With personalised courses and programs, change your Inner- Narrative, Encourage an Open Mind and have an Empathic Attitude for positive interactions.

What 's in it for you?

Have you ever backed away from saying how you feel? Or have you felt defensive when you did speak up?

We currently live in a high-speed digital world, which requires communication with a diverse audience.

Unpredictability and change causes our mind to feel anxiousness, which fluctuates between “stay safe and don’t speak up” and “take a chance and create fresh solutions.”

What you need is interpersonal skills for cross-cultural communication and a diverse mindset.

Through Kirtana’s courses you will develop an open mind and adapt new styles of communication for the appropriate moments. You will begin to appreciate intersectionality and inspire a sense of belonging in each other.

Let’s arrange a chat to take the conversation one step further. 

Is it coaching?

Yes, the programs offer an element of coaching. 

The approach has three core elements: Mindfulness, Speech Skills, and Language for Cultural Sensitivity.

This is what we call Personalised Communication.

 Arrange a chat and let’s work together to design a program that will suit you

How does Kirtana168 deliver the programs?

All programs offer blended learning: virtual meetings, personal communication and e-courses.

Corporate or individual, all the programs start with a personal conversation. It’s essential to understand and work with your goals and needs.  There is no one-size-fits-all.

Arrange a chat and let’s work together

How long does it take?

There are group programs and 1-on-1 sessions. 

The group program vary in length.  For more information check out our Services page.

1-on-1 sessions range between a minimum of 3 -6 sessions.

Arrange a chat where we can discuss the various possibilities.

Are you looking for a speaker at your event?

 Kirti, founder of Kirtana168, speaks at public events about Language, Relational Identity, Well-Being and other customized topics.

Kirti’s mission is to create diverse mindsets.

At the core of her speeches, she brings awareness to the unconscious bias and lack of empathic support for the BAME community. She shares her insights and experiences for inspiration towards alternative ways of thinking. 

A diverse mindset is an opportunity that tomorrow’s world needs.

Let’s do this together. Arrange a chat with Kirti 

About Me

Hi, my name is Kirti. I’m the Founder of Kirtana168.

For the past 17 years, I’ve consider myself lucky to work with an internationally diverse community on how to empower their voice and to share the tapestry of their identity.

I value that we are all  unique and yet share the same feelings. I’m always inspired when a diverse community comes together and shares their differences.  Such interactions are at the core of innovative solution for tomorrows challenges.

My core method are:

1. Mindfulness Techniques for Body  & Mind

2. Language Instructions for Cultural Sensitivity 

3. Public Speaking  & Leadership Skills


I’ve known Kirti for many years and have grown so much from her teachings. She has a way with listening and helping you recognize your feelings, thought patterns and challenges you sometimes don’t even know your struggling with or, more often so, avoiding. .”

Kirti is a kind, positive straight-to-the point coach who always found her way to get the best out of me. Her way of asking questions always led to the core of the issue that was bothering me. Even though I was not aware. Her unique confident manner, the way she looks at life and her very strong interpersonal skills, have definitely helped me to become a better version of myself..”

Kirti does not beat around the bush, while still maitaining enough “room” for you to draw your own conclusions. No pretense, honest and insightful! Always willing to help. She is an absolute gem.

Online Coaching Resources

Wellness eBook

Discover 59 ways to BeFriend your Mind without meditation.  Overcome the worries by using short contemplative questions for everyday life.

Resources & Updates

Inspire your style of communication. Check out the Resource page for more insights on managing emotions and reframing your thoughts.

Online Workshops

Drop me an email to stay connected for online classes on relaxation and motivation with Q & A.

Find Your Balance.

Be Empowered.

Take A Challenge. 


Your diverse mindset has impact.

A diverse mindset is an opportunity.

Let go of fixing yourself to fit in.

  •  Stay Calm in Chaos to Interact Mindfully
  •  Face Difficult Conversations with Clarity
  • Take a Conscious Approach to Every Conversation
  • Be Impactful with Integrity

A Small Practice a Day will keep Stress a Bay.

Live your Uniqueness. Empower your Career. Grow in Every Relationship. 

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