Befriending the Audience Mind

Speaker. Moderator. Facilitator.

As someone with Dutch-Caribbean-Asian roots, I bring a unique perspective to the table. I’ve immersed myself in the fascinating world of multicultural communication, and I’ve become a thought leader in the field. What truly drives me is the profound connection between well-being and effective communication.

 Because of my heritage and experience working with all walks of life, One thing that sets me apart is my speaking style. I have a knack for making audiences feel at ease, even when discussing sensitive situations. It’s all about creating a safe space for open dialogue and understanding.

Sure, you may think  empathy is the key and it’s crucial, but…

I’ve discovered something even more powerful: equanimity. It’s the secret ingredient that empowers us to thrive and cultivate a genuine sense of belonging in today’s diverse world.


Equanimity allows us to maintain a calm composure when faced with confusion, challenges, and conflict. It’s the missing link that bridges empathy and equity.

Equanimity is at the heart of all the services I offer and the keynotes I deliver.

As a testament to this, I’ve had the privilege of conducting thought-provoking workshops, participating in engaging panel discussions, and leading international trainings at esteemed organizations like Morgan Stanley, Google, Bloomberg, and The Hague University.

The Core of All Speeches

Kirti has developed a powerful 3-step method called “Presence Catalyst, Ignite Communication Brilliance” to help individuals unlock their communication potential, foster authentic connections, and lead with presence.

By befriending the mind, leveraging relational authenticity, and leading with presence, Kirti’s methodology provides a transformative journey towards exceptional communication and workplace cultures that celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Signature Keynote Speeches

Imposter Syndrome in Diversity: Breaking Barriers and Embracing Authenticity

In this engaging talk, Kirti explores the impact of imposter syndrome in diverse settings and provides practical strategies to work with it, to access authentic connections and inclusive workplaces.

Code-Switching: Navigating Diversified Spaces with Confidence

Kirti shares insights on how to navigate and communicate effectively in diverse environments, empowering individuals to embrace their unique identities while adapting to different cultural contexts.


Power of Equanimity, moving beyond Empathy

Sharing from her experience, to inspire audiences to no longer feel immune to empathy, but understand how articulate their confusions, assumptions and expectations for modern landscapes. Kirti highlights the importance of composure and discernment.

Navigating Change: Diverse Thinking & Building Resilience

In this dynamic presentation, Kirti helps individuals and organizations embrace change, leverage diverse perspectives, and build resilience in an ever-evolving world.

Podcast or Panel Discussions


Based on the #befriendurmind concept, I deliver talks on how to navigate the difficulties and challenges of modern-day communication.

I like to befriend the audience’s mind, asking thought-provoking questions, and offering valuable insights. With todays communication complexities,  delivering a talk, being part of a panel discussion, podcast or as a moderator,  my aim is  inspire the audience to reflect differently. Give themselves a chance to consider how to communicate with respect about our differences in views and thoughts, without creating a feeling of antagonism.

 The reality is, in today’s technology-driven world, navigating communication challenges has become increasingly complex. The overwhelming abundance of information makes it difficult to truly connect with ourselves and trust our own judgment. It saddens me to see how much talk there is about mindfulness and empathy, and yet anxiety levels continue to rise. People are afraid to speak up, share their thoughts, and often feel offended when their perspectives aren’t acknowledged.Suppressed emotions are running high, and we need to address this.

The missing piece lies in developing a healthy relationship with the constant stream of information we receive every day. It’s about actively engaging with the confusion, challenges, and inner tensions, without feeling guilty for not being mindful enough. I believe in creating a safe-brave  space where everyone can express themselves without judgment.

I would love to be part of your fire chats, panel discussions or podcast. Share my insights  let’s set up a chat 

Moderator & Facilitator

Navigating conversations about diversity and culutral understanding can be quite challenging. From expereince as a facilitator, it’s crucial to have listening skills, patience to know how to address and manage the room safely. 

During my talks and conversations, I encourage audiences to participate in reflection and ask questions. I customize my approach to make the discussions relevant and meaningful to each audience. If you would like to know more…

Kirti delivering a keynote speech

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