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Lead with Presence Master Course

Lean into the identity- Design Your Leadership Voice

 Your first impression is always the last impression, so make it the one that counts. Being prepared for un-prepared moments requires a committed mind, the ability to read a room and, shape your message with purpose and often in the moment. 

Advance your professional growth in leadership, critical thinking and resilience to have discuss complex and challenging situations. 

Build credibility and apply skilful empathy to build trust and show credibility amongst colleagues and team members

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    Diverse Mindset Communication 

    Workshop: boost your confidence to speak in a diversified room

    Amplify your confidence to dialogue in various environment. Empower communication skills to mindfully engage amongst multiple perspectives and cultures.

    • Understand how to talk across technical, linguistic and cultural diversity.
    • Eliminate the fear of speaking up in an international virtual room.
    • Develop a calmness to communicate with different cultures, perspectives and opinions.

    An interactive session online or face-to face

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    Presentation Skills 1-0-1

    Build Trust- Speak with sincerity & confidence 

    Started in a new company and delivering more presentations. Take your skills to the next level.

    • Sharpen your message with purpose
    • Strengthen your vocabulary ( especially if English is not your first language)
    • Build Cultural awareness
    • Bring emotional strengthen to land your message with assurance
    • Techniques on reading the room


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    Lead with Diversity 

    Confidence to be true in your communication

    Our signature course supporting ethnic communities to advance their career:

    • Deliver Presentations
    • Participatein forums and Panels
    • Deliver Feedback 
    • Offer a fresh perspective to complex challenges
    • Recognition for their value and contribution to the organisation
    • Increase Personal Branding

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    #BefriendurMind Book

    Do you need a book that you can place at the side of your bed, or desk to remind you how to cut off the negative thoughts and reset your focus. Our book has helped tons of indidivuals globally.

    And yes, I gave the book a hashtag, because these classical slogans are designed for modern times-modern minds.


    Available on Amazon Kindle, apple Books and many others

    Befriend your Mind 

    Become friends with your mind will help you communicate effectively

    Becoming friends with yourself is about understanding your thoughts and feelings, so that you can communicate much at ease and confidence in your relationships. 

    Taking pressure of yourself, finding your vocabulary is a sustainable approach , especially as we communicate both digital and face to face. 

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