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Build a healthier relationship with your confidence, understand yourself better and communicate your thoughts and feelings.

Befriend your Mind Consultation

Gain clarity with the mind on responsibilities, deadlines and arguments

Remove the feeling of being stuck in your mind and sabotaging yourself from saying what is really on your mind. Reduce the stress of feeling like an imposter or the guilt of wanting to do things differently. Empower and express your confidence

A special introductory clarity call with Kirti.  

Befriend your Mind Chat with Kirti


Kirti’s Monthly Conversation with Guest who is ready to befriend their minds about a topic. Also premium content available

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#BefriendurMind Book

Do you need a book that you can place at the side of your bed, or desk to remind you how to cut off the negative thoughts and reset your focus. Our book has helped tons of indidivuals globally.

And yes, I gave the book a hashtag, because these classical slogans are designed for modern times-modern minds.


Available on Amazon Kindle, apple Books and many others

Befriend your Mind Retreat

Join us on the Beautiful sunny island, Curaçao.

3 days or 6 days

Doing too much in personal development, constantly busy or trying to improve yourself can be exhausting.

Are you ready for a more at ease approach to being yourself in relationships and not trying so hard? join me on this exclusive retreat. 

Explore your mind, find your words, manage your energy to balance the stress of daily life.  click to find out more

3 Days/6 days  Retreats