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Leverage your difference to make a difference

“I worked with Kirti on organizing couple of workshops for Google. The latest one was on how to communicate with a diverse audience.

I’ve found Kirt to be extremely knowledgeable and engaged with the workshop participants creatively and answered thought provoking questions about handling communication in difficult situations.

She brought a wealth of experience and worked with us to mold the workshop to suit our needs.” 

Kirti’s 3-Step Method

Presence Catalyst, Ignite Communication Brilliance.

Befriend: Build Resilience

Befriend your Mind services  trains the mind to use our resistance mechanism as a source of information .

The aim is to  expand our awareness to acknowledge, accept and develop an appreciation to shift in perceptions and biases .

Benefits include a friendlier attitude towards self- judgments,  self-pressure, repeat burn-outs to gain confidence to face uncertainties and unexpected changes.

Engage: Build Relationships

Connecting with people always helps us move forward in life, whether it’s in our personal or professional life.

Leverage your Authenticity services on understanding personal influence to strengthen your confidence to present, network and communicate in diversified spaces.

Ideal for networking strategies, building online presence for career growth and overcome the struggles of  imposter syndrome.

Lead: Build Receptiveness

Communicating in diversified spaces can bring  a host of challenges for leaders and teams, especially in remote, virtual and cultural environments.

Our Lead with Presence services includes knowing how to read a room,  think on your feet,  present on panels or when talking on sensitive and challenging issues benefit from remaining calm and reflect a  considerate composure.

 Ideal for  building reputation, expertise and credibility.

My Approach

I value the courage it takes for clients to open up about their situations and are willing to reflect on their limitations, restraints and confusions they face in their relationships.

Which is why Befriend your mind was created. To give individuals a trusting environemnt to talk about the very difficult emotions they are afraid to express without it being about therapy.

Many cultures still don’t believe in the the Western module, and hold alot of emotions in. This approach doesn’t substitute serious medical and mental issues, it’s an eastern style coaching approach that has supported many culturally diverse communities.

Communication Coach
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Customised & White label Courses

Authenticity can become a cliché, especially in working environments. Buzzwords may seem necessary but they can lead to false “inclusivity”, especially in. multi cultural and diverse environments.  

At Kirtana168, the courses are customised for organisations to move forward and thrive succesfully by motivating individuals to speak with ease.

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Featured Publications

Wellness Book Series

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