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Leverage your difference to make a difference

Hi, I’m Kirti! Welcome to the about me page, where am suppose to brag but who cares about that. What you need to know is my motto…

If it’s not this way , there is always another way. let’s start here”


My Values & Beliefs

Diversity is not a label -it's a Mindset

Diversity may be seen as a cliché, over-sed and misunderstood,  but it’s actually all about our mindset.

Like a painting,  our style of thinking, feeling and doing are mixtures of colorful experiences. We must honor and respect each other wth open mindedness and kind heartedness. 

Open Mind- Empathic Heart

An open mind is an empathic heart. Listening with intent of no judgment can turn chaotic situations into alternative solution or opportunities. 

A small interaction with a feeling of curiousity can give a person a sense of belonging, and value. 

I don't give up- I explore

Like many, I had unexpected challenges. I work with all walks of life which made me question my thoughts, beliefs and decisions.  I wondered what were my other options?

I could have given up , but I chose to explore instead. Because of that, today am always motivated to support another in their how to speak, feel and be. After all every reality paints a different story. 


My Approach

In a 1 on 1 Session:

  • Monthly Calls
  • Tailored Made exercises
  • Access to me via  App.

For Group and Corporate  Programs- check out the Services I offer.

So, Grab a coffee or tea , let’s have a free initial chat and discuss how we can create a package that works for you.

Featured Publications

Wellness Book Series

  • Part 1 – #BefriendurMind
  • Part 2 – Befriend your  Self-awareness (trainers only)
  • Part 3 – Befriend your Speech (TBA)