Photo of of Pride walk on the streets

This weeks blog is focused on Pride Month.

Before we get started I want to share that this post may not be appreciated and may challenge our beliefs, my invitation is to read this with a reflective and considerate mind.

For past two months, I’ve been writing  wellbeing articles for the Eternity UK app. Given this month is Pride Month,  my mind was wondering how do South-asian communities adapt their traditions to be more inclusive for the LBGTQ+ community. My curiosities led me on a journey to meet a kind hearted soul : Radha who supported me to shape the article.

Podcast Interview: South-Asian LBGTQ+ adapting Cultural Traditions

1. A heartfelt podcast interview with a non-binary south-asian soul: Radha and bringing their fresh perspective about coming from a human kindness instead of fear.

Link: Adapting Cultural Traditions

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2. Article: Queer Marriage in the South Asian Wedding Traditions

The article published at Eternity UK on how to navigate relationships and traditions in a South-Asian LBGTQ+ marriage.


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