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At KIRTANA168, we believe that effective communication is the key to personal and professional success. Our sessions are designed to provide you with practical strategies to convey your message clearly, build your personal brand, and foster strong relationships. Whether you’re preparing for a big presentation or looking to improve your everyday interactions, our expert guidance will help you achieve your goals. Book a session today and take the first step towards mastering your communication skills.

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Working with KIRTANA168 has been a transformative experience. The sessions have helped me communicate more effectively in my multicultural workplace. I feel more confident and clear in my interactions. Highly recommend!

Alexandra P.

KIRTANA168’s approach to communication is both unique and effective. The practical strategies I learned have significantly improved my public speaking skills. The focus on mindfulness has made a huge difference in my professional life.

Michael R.

I was struggling with getting my message across in meetings. The guidance from KIRTANA168 has been invaluable. I now speak with clarity and purpose, and my colleagues have noticed the change. Thank you!

Samantha K.

The sessions at KIRTANA168 have been a game-changer for me. The techniques taught are easy to implement and have made a significant impact on my communication skills. I feel more connected and understood in my professional relationships.

David L.

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Speaker at Panel Discussion at Sustainability Live

In recent years, imposter syndrome has garnered significant attention as individuals experiencing self-doubt at work have come forward to share their experiences. This challenging condition disproportionately affects marginalized groups, making it crucial to address,...

Keynote speech March 8 Magazine

How to recognise and become friends iwth imposter syndrome as a way to build your confidence and turn your doubts into possibilities. 

Personal Fulfillment- A Fresh Outlook

The months podcast episode of "Befriend ur Mind"  Kirti sits down guest Sonia Harjani engaging in profound discussions on "can women have it all". Be sure to check it out here. Here are some take aways of Episode 3 : Seeking Zen: Tips on Rest, Relaxation and keeping...

Guest Podcast at The Modernist

A chilled conversation on how to handle the burn out for trail blazing professional who hustle and discover the wellbeing to reach their milestones.

Elevate your Presence Training

Services     Courses, Workshops & Retreats  Services+ Access to 6 videos + Accompanied worksheets +  Downloadable Audio - Customisation - Personalised Feedback - Continuous online Support - Personal Consultations+ 1-2-1 discovery call + 6 chosen Videos +...

South-Asian communities LBGTQ+ Adapting cultural traditions

This weeks blog is focused on Pride Month. Before we get started I want to share that this post may not be appreciated and may challenge our beliefs, my invitation is to read this with a reflective and considerate mind. For past two months, I've been writing...

Befriend your Self-Esteem

This is a big one! One which many Multi-cultured (wo)men would never admit they struggle with. This is all about society and imposter syndrome. Most of us are raised to conform to a particular genders needs and wants, which can leave us in a spiral. Let me give you an...

Interview with Debbie Williams

Code-switching   A conversational interview with Debbie on code-switching. Her insightful questions touched upon on the importance of discernment and importance of representation and sef-awareness. Click on image below for the Podcast  

Portfolio Samples

Speech portfolio on how to use your Diversity to your advantage. Because of confidentiality and privacy purposes, none of the in-house or corporate speeches are on display, instead these are the practice versions and a glimpse of what is shared. Sample include: a free...

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