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Befriend your Self-Esteem

Selfie of author, Kirti, looking at the camera, smiling, and her hand on her cheek. On the image it's written: Befriend Self-Esteem. Be Cheeky Be Sassy

This is a big one!

One which many Multi-cultured (wo)men would never admit they struggle with.

This is all about society and imposter syndrome.

Most of us are raised to conform to a particular genders needs and wants, which can leave us in a spiral.

Let me give you an example:

I was raised that a woman’s ambition was to be married and have kids. When It didn’t happen, I wondered what’s wrong with me?? Society would ask me: why I was being so difficult?

What’s worse when I did seek advice from a primarily caucasian culture…. I was recommended… “eat pray and love??” , ignorance of culture, I felt dismissed.

Assessing my self-esteem has been the hardest struggle in my life, being confronted with my own emotions, I felt at a loss of what are my wants and desires. So I went on a journey, I asked my self if I was free from society idea of “being busy is good”, “being strong is good”, “being skinny is socially acceptable” and remove all the “spiritually positive jargon”… how can I be true to me… how can I go past the Imposter syndrome that was socially driven?

The more I designed how to become friends with my self, the easier it was to look at society in the eye, and say no to conformity, and yes to loving-kindness.


To find out more how to liberate yourself from it. Send me a message at and let’s get your process started.

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